Bradley and Associates works closely with your team to quickly understand your business and culture and leverages this understanding and perspective with our experience and background to benefit your company.

All of these services are designed to improve efficiency, improve profits and you to spend less time WORKING ON your business and more time STRATEGICALLY MANAGING your business.

While admittedly no one knows a company as well as its founder, owner or CEO, banks and investors have a certain way they are accustomed to receiving information and how they use that information to consider a company for a loan or investment. It is critical that your company’s bank or investor package/reports places the company on an accurate and solid reporting foundation while at the same time positions it in the best light possible.

This is accomplished by highlighting your company’s strengths and accomplishments while also identifying and providing a solid, thoughtful plan to address its challenges. These presentations must be not only informative but prepared and presented in a way that maintains the user’s attention and interest.

It is well known that many investors invest in and banks lend to companies that have a strong and effective management team. The perception of the management team is often driven by the sophistication, accuracy and style of communication in the presentation packages.

We can work with your management team to put together a presentation that can communicate your company’s strengths and opportunities without ignoring its challenges but also engage your audience and demand their attention.